Posted on Jun 8, 2019

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Posted on Feb 9, 2018

medic signal

Medic Signal – Keep Your Data in Your Hands

The Medic Signal Support Network makes true autonomy possible, including keeping the users in control of all their medical data.

Medic alert technology should not leave you feeling constrained or coerced. Better technology is possible. Better technology, in fact, is already here. We have developed the Medical Signal Support Network to be an innovative improvement on the medic alert technology that is currently available, focusing on your freedom and independence. When you use the Medic Signal, you are using a medic alert watch that humanizes you, respecting your dignity as a person and your right to make decisions for yourself.

The way it works is simple. You need to opt in to the Medical Signal Support Network, meaning that it does not automatically force an alert just because some signal conditions are reached. Instead, you have an opportunity to swipe the watch to send out a disregard signal, letting your network know that there is no emergency before they have leaped into action. This is convenient both for you and for your network,