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The MedicSignal control panel

At MedicSignal we believe you should be given control of your support, which is why we give you access to your control panel; where you can personalise your MedicSignal to work best for you.

Need more alarms to give you more confidence? Want to add another caregiver to receive an alert? Want to pause the MedicSignal during a hospital stay? No problem, simply change your settings within your control panel at the click of a button.



You can add friends and alarms on your control panel.

The control panel allows you to add Facilators who can add and edit information and look after everything for you.



What else is included in your control panel:

essential medical information

You can attach essential medical information to your portal. This will be available to responders in the event of an emergency. They will also be able to see your GPS location and recent heartbeat.

This brief video shows the control panel in operation.

Manage your alarms

Your alarms are a cornerstone of the MedicSignal service, keeping you safe when you can’t respond. The more alarms you use, the more regularly your loved ones know you’re okay.

In the alarms tab you can easily add and remove as many alarms as you want, to match your evolving needs.

Add and remove users

You can add two types of users through your control panel; friends and facilitators.

Friends will be the ones notified when your alarm goes off. It’s crucial to add anyone that will need to be notified in case of an alert here.

Facilitators can also be added who will be able to manage and change your information and alarms on your behalf.

Update medical information

When you need medical assistance, there is often important medical information that first responders could need. This could be as simple as certain health conditions, allergies, or current medications.

You can attach this essential medical information to your control panel. So that is will be available to responders in the event of an emergency.

View vitals

MedicSignal can also send vital signals with your medical alerts including your recent heartbeat and GPS location, so that the right assistance can be sent right away. You can manage which information is sent in your vitals tab, to keep full control on the information you share.

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Please note the Control Panel is a feature of the MedicSignal Watch only.