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Taking care of people who are taking care of your business!

You're not just a business owner. You're also a parent, a husband or wife, and a loved one. How will they know you're safe?

Show your key personnel you care

A wise company values its employees and helps them stay healthy and independent.

Real safety and real caring

Unlike life insurance policies, a MedicSignal watch is a physical reminder that the company cares, and the 'opt in' nature of the MedicSignal Service makes it abundantly clear that personal freedom is a priority.

We know you value your partners and key employees. Employers lose billions of dollars every year to recovery time for ill employees. But you can support faster recovery and manage reputational consequences by paying for better alerts. MedicSignal offers you peace of mind that your people will receive appropriate assistance on their terms. We're passionate about ensuring that they know exactly who sees their private medical information and under what circumstances.

Show them that you value their autonomy and their resilience, and that if their health suffers a set-back, their recovery is their strength. Brand placement is available so that your people are constantly reminded that you care about them and what they value. Getting started with MedicSignal is much easier than you think. We provide watches for you to distribute and we take care of everything else. Please note that, due to demand, MedicSignal is available for corporations on a limited basis. Please inquire about negotiated discounts on the watches and ongoing service fees.


Please contact our Corporate Sales team directly to discuss our corporate packages.

Corporate Sales Medic Signal

Point of difference for Assisted Living

Longer-lived and healthier residents help both your bottom line and their quality of life-it's a win-win.

Show your residents you care by offering them an unprecedented added layer of security. One-that, provides them with peace of mind and the prospect of more independent, happier and  longer lives. Show them you're, invested in your community.

Show their families you care by assuring them that even when their loved one is unable to call for help, help will be on its way.

Benefits for you:

  • Maintain consistent cash-flow and provide better resident care.
  • Very low administrative load. Once you introduce your residents to MedicSignal using our intuitive software, we take care of the communications with them and any nominated family members from then on.

  • We provide the Introduction pack to your residents.
  • CE Certification and RoHS compliant.
  • A software interface that easily accommodates your resident database.
  • Branding placement negotiable (white labelling).
  • Discounts negotiable on both the watches and the ongoing service fees.
More Information

For more information, please contact our Assisted Living team HERE.